Welcome to my website.  Here you will find several types of wood puzzles ranging from children tray puzzles to adult brain teaser puzzles.

Everything offered on this site will be the highest quality and one of a kind.

Also on this site I will offer several videos from artists and craftspeople.

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I acquired the block of wood below from a new friend. As you can see

it is stacked and sticker-ed.

February 20,2011

I resawed the block of wood. After this process came the pre dimensioning with a drum sander. To help the wood dry at an even pace I placed small strips of wood between each board.  These maple burl mini slabs will take at least 8 weeks to dry .

This is the plane that will be used to smooth out the

surface of the mini burl slabs. Look close, this isn’t a

Home Depot or Lowe’s tool. Lie Nielson is the Mercedes of hand tools.

Only the best toolswill be used making my puzzles.

A few weeks ago I showed the first pic and tried to briefly explain my future puzzle. Today I am showing two more pics of the process. Notice the 7 small slabs that will become the puzzle. They air dried for a few weeks stickered together. During this process they got a little more moldy and spalted. I cleaned the mold with bleach/water mix and scouring pad. Now they need to finish drying independently for about 2-3 more weeks. Notice the beautiful grain in the third pic. This is the biggest of the 7 mini slab pieces. After the current drying cycle, they will go through the Performax, then about 1 hour on each hand sanding with 280 and 320 Mirka sanding sponge. Total time so far …1) actual time-3 months …2) actual work time-about 1.5 hours. Will post more later.


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  1. pwalker says:

    all of these puzzles that I have viewed are great
    I would like to know how to get patterns for some of these puzzles
    thank you

  2. Vince says:

    One GREAT site, you have gotten me into a new way to make saw dust – Thank You – I think LOL

    Winter Park, Florida
    (Near the Mouse House)

  3. Taky says:

    Loveall the puzzles! Great site!

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